Evolve gets Arena Mode

Evolve cover

Turtle Rock’s innovative 4v1 action game Evolve has just added a new game type. Called “Arena Mode”, the update is free to all Evolve players, and should give the game a little more variety. Arena Mode distills the Evolve experience to its most climactic point: when the Trapper has deployed the Mobile Arena, and the hunters are unleashing hell on the monster. Hit the jump to see what’s in the  update.

The fights take place in one of 70 different arenas (five arenas per Evolve level) and whichever team wins two out of three battles will win overall. To give the monster a slight advantage, it’ll spawn at stage 2 with 50% armour, and the fights are intended to be too fast to allow it to evolve (although it totally can). Each hunter also picks one perk, and isn’t allowed to change perks or characters between rounds. I guess that applies to the monster as well, but monsters can change abilities between rounds.

All in all, it looks like a nice shake-up of Evolve’s formula. The shift towards shorter, intense battles obviously makes Evolve more competition friendly.

Source: evolvegame.com