Youtube hit Kung Fury is now a game too


If you’re not sure what all the fuss over Kung Fury is about, go watch it. We’ll wait. Oh, and you may not want to do that while at work.

Are you done? Good. Now, that totally off-the-wall, Kickstarter-fueled movie is being turned into a game entitled Kung Fury: Street Rage. Yes, indeed. What self-respecting 1980s action flick didn’t get a game, anyway?

The game is an arcade-y action experience which places players in the middle of the screen where they get assailed on all sides by – what else? – evil Nazis. Mashing on two buttons or different sides of a touchscreen allows you to dispatch your foes with utmost haste, but be warned that precision and timing is key here. If you’re thinking that it bears more than a passing resemblance to One Finger Death Punch, you’d be spot-on.

It’s brainless fun of the most shameless variety, but it’s an excellent no-commitment time waster that’s surprisingly addictive. You can get the goods on Android and iOS for free, though a small purchase is required to remove ads. It’s also available for Steam, going for $1.99 (around R24 at the time of this writing). Go get it. We dare you.