Rumour: Nintendo’s NX system might be Android-based


We don’t know much about Nintendo’s next big console, codenamed NX. One rumour doing the rounds seems to indicate that the system may be closer to completion than we expected, and may be based on Android.

According to an insider source who spoke to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, the new move from Nintendo is to encourage openness and allow for easier third-party support. This seems to dovetail into Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata’s previous statements that the new system will be more open and may even forego region-locking entirely. It may also be related to the company’s decision to partner with DeNA to develop mobile games.

Right now we can’t be sure if the NX will be a traditional console, a handheld or something new entirely. The only thing that seems likely right now is that the big N seems keen to adopt new business strategies.

Source: HardcoreGamer