NAG Magazine: June 2015 issue


It’s a great month to be alive, isn’t it? We’re getting an all-new Jurassic Park movie, which may or may not forever tarnish our cherished memories of the previous movies. Some of them anyway – let’s agree to pretend the third film doesn’t exist, yes? Still, there’ll be giant dinosaurs on a giant screen, meaning that even if the movie is awful, jaws will still hit the floor.

At the same time, we’re getting not only a new LEGO game, but a LEGO game themed on our favourite dino-filled film franchise. THAT’S A DINO-DACIOUS DOUBLE WHAMMY, or something else appropriately ’90s sounding. We’re so excited by all this excitement that we’ve plastered our cover with Traveller’s Tales latest brick-built adventure.

In other words: we have a T-rex!

In other, other words, LEGO Jurassic World is this month’s cover, combining the timelessly addictive formula of the LEGO games with great big lizards full of teeth and horns. Playable dinosaurs people. Playable dinosaurs!


Given that TT’s games are always a huge hit with adults and children alike, we thought this issue would be the perfect time to approach the notion of introducing kids to gaming for the first time. If you’ve got a miniature version (or multiple miniature versions, because you’re adventurous like that) of yourself running around your house and you’re curious as to how to train (yes, train) them to share your passion for video games, be sure to check out our Kid-Proof Gaming feature.

Previews include a look at the gorgeous world of Rime, and a trip into space with a former Microsoft employee who was effectively bullied off the Internet and used the experience to create Adrift. Or ADR1FT, if you’re damaged.

This month’s reviews evaluate the gory dismemberment and outrageous blood sprinklers of Mortal Kombat X, along with the magnificently simulated race-things of Project CARS. Somewhere in between all the punching and kicking and steering-wheel wrestling we find time to do some square-ish puzzling in BOXBOY!, JRPG our way through the titanic world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, deliver some mechanical mayhem in War Thunder, and strap ourselves to two-wheeled rockets in Ride.


In our hardware section we have a crack at the MSI GT80 Titan SLI, a phenomenal notebook that costs enough money to make even the hardiest of wallets wince. This month’s Versus pits two outstanding monitors against one another to see which comes out tops. The ASUS X99 Sabertooth might actually survive a nuclear blast – but does that mean you should add it to your wishlist? Mice, keyboards, tablets and even network-attached storage can’t escape our critical gaze.

All this and more awaits you in the June issue of NAG. Anyone in favour of digital doohickies should head over to Zinio for their electronic fix. The mag’s due on shelves this Thursday, June 4th.

Below you’ll find the contents page for a full look at what’s contained within. You’ll also find that adorable cover, which is guaranteed to instantly make your day better. Look at that plastic T-rex. Just look at it!


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