He’s just as happy about it as we are.

2K Games teased us with a mysterious new website last week, leading many to speculate that perhaps a new BioShock game was in development. As it turns out, the site is linked to an upcoming sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, slated for an exclusive PC release in November.

XCOM 2 continues from the 2012 reboot, depicting a considerably more cyberpunk world where a supposedly benevolent government called the Advent Administration is really up to no good. It’s no surprise that the government is in fact a front for an extraterrestrial scheme, and XCOM – now an underground force – is still committed to destroying the alien menace. Futuristic weapons, genetic enhancements, hacking and, of course, creepy-faced aliens are all the order of the day here, and we’re very excited about it indeed.

Some of the features discussed include five new soldier classes, a bunch of new enemies such as Evolved Sectoids, procedurally-generated maps and mod support with full Steam Workshop integration.

Check out the trailer below and get psyched.

Source: IGN

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