AMD’s FreeSync program continues on with new monitors being announced at or just before Computex 2015, and LG is adding another one to the growing list of monitor options. Pictured above is the LG 27MU67, a 27-inch UltraHD 4K display with an IPS panel and FreeSync capability. Destined for the Australian market first at a recommended price of AU$ 799, it packs in Displayport 1.2a, mini-Displayport 1.2, and two HDMI 1.4a ports (which limits the refresh rate to 30Hz). Although the scaler inside supports FreeSync, it will probably be an option to toggle on manually through the OSD, which may render the other ports  on the display null. But that’s a fair trade off because you still have 10-bit colour (8-bit with dithering) and 99% sRGB coverage. There’s no word on the VRR window, but it could be from 30Hz to 60Hz, which leaves this as a decent option for single-GPU systems.

Source: Techspot

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