The International’s Open Qualifiers come to a close


Last month saw the conclusion of Dota 2’s inaugural Open Qualifiers, with hundreds of teams battling it out for a spot in the main qualifier, following which they could potentially compete against the best Dota players in the world at this year’s International. Before I delve into the results, I would like to take a few minutes to explain how this all works.

The qualifiers welcomed all teams to participate with the only entry requirement being a regional registration. The Americas, Europe, China and Southeast Asia were the regions announced. All matches played were single elimination BO1 (best of 1), excluding the semi-finals and finals which resorted to the classic BO3 (best of 3) format. The initiative from Valve this year was quite brilliant since it not only allowed newcomers to be more interactive with the main event, but afforded them the chance to make a preemptive impact on next year’s Open Qualifier – if of course Valve intends to use this format again.

Now you might be thinking, “There are too many entrants, what are the possibilities of my team actually making it?” You have a fair point, but think about it this way – when we register to vote, we have the opportunity to make a reasonable difference, being able to let your own voice be heard. Valve has the same way of thinking: they want to give us that voice so that we don’t just have to sit on the sidelines and be told what to do. Registered teams might not make it through but the important thing is that they were given the opportunity to try. The outcome of the event isn’t always important, but the chance to make a difference is.


Let me not digress further, because you’ve come for the results. Here are the Open Qualifier winners for each region:

Americas qualifier:


Europe qualifier:

Yellow Submarine

China qualifier:

Wings Gaming

Southeast Asia qualifier:

Invasion eSports

First let me start with the American qualifiers. Champions of Summer’s Rift were favourites going into the qualifiers after losing their spot in the main qualifier due to a last-minute roster change. They were removed from the running in their semi-final clash against Unknown.xiu, who went on to win the qualifier. Some notable teams in the American division were paiN Gaming and Isurus Gaming.

In the Chinese qualifiers there were no real surprises as Wings Gaming breezed through, beating their closest competitors Newbee.Miracle 2-0 in the final. Challengers included lilith and Immortal Magneto.


Europe had many strong competitors including Turtle Masters, Balkan Bears and ScaryFaceZ. It was Yellow Submarine who took the qualifier, the same team who won first place in the Go4Dota2 Cup recently.

In Southeast Asia, it was Malaysian multi-gaming organization Invasion eSports who took the final 2-0 against Execration. Some notable teams in this region were Aces Gaming, Kingdom and MUFC.

Many strong teams made for an exciting qualifier and some excellent games were played, giving the winners a deserved spot in the main qualifiers. The journey to The International continues later this month in the main qualifier.