Watch this: frighteningly accurate real-life GTA V video


Corridor Digital is a tiny team of YouTube video creators. They pride themselves on making cinema quality short films on a budget of next to nothing. They’ve done some amazing stuff in the past including the awesome “Super Heroes vs Game Heroes” video and the “Top Down Shooter” video that saw them utilising a drone to gain the required camera angles.

Their work is so impressive that it earned them an official sponsorship from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. This resulted in a seven-minute, live-action video that corresponded with Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. The video was a little hammy but still very well done.

Now the team is back with a live-action Grand Theft Auto V and it’s very, very well done. They made use of a collection of GoPro cameras mounted on poles and the result is rather uncanny. Camera angles are perfect, character walking styles are familiar, and there are heaps of L.A. locations that make an appearance in the game. Plus dead bodies shower stacks of dollar bills, which is a nice touch. Check it out after the jump.