Co-operative survival game Eco promises tears


Well, this is an interesting idea. Strange Loop Games have announced Eco, a online multiplayer game where players are responsible for managing a single ecosystem while advancing their own interests and attempting to avert an oncoming ecological disaster. Players will have the opportunity to specialise in various tasks and technologies that allow them to contribute to the game, but the ecosystem contains finite resources and incorrect management will doom everyone on the server.

To prevent it from devolving into complete anarchy and deliberate sabotage, the developers are promising an in-game government, wherein players can vote to pass specific laws related to the resources and acts in the game – for example, restricting the number of buildings of a particular type that can be built and strictly enforcing it. This tells  me two things: that the developers haven’t considered the sweetness of trolling via the legislative, and that it’s in the fantasy genre because government works.

The developers will be looking to Kickstart the game near the end of the month, but for now you can watch the video of a not-Minecraft-oh-no spheroid and various wildlife eating each other, or check out more details on the game here.

Source: Eurogamer

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