There’s this little action-RPG franchise called Dark Souls. You might have heard of it. While the series has a somewhat polarizing effect on the gaming masses, there’s no denying that it’s a solid franchise. Solid franchises tend to get a lot of releases, and now it looks like Dark Souls 3 is a thing that will be happening.

This isn’t the first time rumours of a third entry have cropped up, but now IGN has obtained some marketing material that is supposedly for E3. That material points to an “early 2016” release window for Dark Souls 3.

The prudent thing would be to file this one under “R” for “Rumour”, but who are we kidding? This will likely be “announced” next week. Publisher Namco Bandai (or are they Bandai Namco again? I can’t keep up.) has refused to comment. Obviously.

Source: IGN

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