Rumour: Razer is looking to buy Ouya


At the end of April, reports hit that company Ouya was in serious financial trouble and was looking for a buyer. Website CNET now reports that that buyer could be Razer – the hardware development company responsible for mid-to-high-end PC peripherals and gaming laptops.

CNET’s report is based on anonymous sources “familiar with the matter”. Apparently both Ouya and Razer are in negotiations and are currently trying to determine how Ouya staff will make the move to Razer.

Company CEO Julie Uhrman stated in a leaked internal mail that Ouya would need to find a buyer by the end of April – more or less the time when initial reports of the company’s difficulties began to surface. It’ll be interesting to see where Ouya ends up, and Razer certainly feels like a good fit.

Source: CNET


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