I’ll admit that I have perhaps developed a predilection for space-sims. To be fair, though, I’ve always had this preoccupation, it’s just that there weren’t very many space-sims to satisfy said preoccupation for the last 15 years or so.

About 10 months ago we ran a “Today I learnt About a Game Called” article, in which we introduced Enemy Starfighter. You might recall that we chastised ourselves for only learning about the game then, even though it’d been floating around the internet in some way, shape, or form for at least a year prior.

Good news is that the ultra-super-tiny development team has an update in the form of some “unscripted footage” that they captured during a play-test. Gosh this is looking good. The Homeworld influence is massive – even down to the little details like ship coms chatter and the music. Check it out for yourself and then get ready for an Early Access release sometime after E3 is finished stealing the limelight.

Source: Enemy Starfighter

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