13 million! Yes, you read correctly and no it’s not 13 million rand – it’s 13 million dollars. The International (Dota 2‘s annual eSports extravaganza) 2014 shattered records with its prize pool of $10.9 million and Valve certainly had no intention of stopping there. The 2015 campaign has just passed the $13 million mark and is well on its way to reaching the estimated $15 million prize pool target.

The prize pool’s growth is in no way slowing down and with a little less than two months to the main event, looks set to rise into the $16-$17 million zone. To put that in context, with $15 million you could buy 37,500 PS4s or 42,857 Xbox One consoles. Now I’m not saying anyone would ever need that many consoles, but it would be a nice starting point for the next take-over-the-world scheme you might have in mind.

A nice addition to the original Compendium launch is the release of the The International 2015 Collector’s Cache, which costs $1.99 and is exclusive to Compendium owners. Valve has given us another opportunity to support The International as 25% of each sale contributes to the prize pool. There are beautiful cosmetics available with the purchase of this treasure so go check them out. With the purchase of this bundle, you have the chance of also receiving eleven compendium levels and an extremely rare Faceless Rex courier.

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