Some publishers & devs dirty-dealing in Steam Summer Sale?


The Steam Summer Sale tsunami has hit the breakers of gamer’s wallets once again, complete with its own Cookie Clicker… thing, I don’t know, I wasn’t able to access it for whatever reason. There’s some good deals out there: Homeworld:Remastered Collection is a cool $14, while the Metro franchise is anywhere between 75-80% off. However, not all is well in the land of Gaben (May his life be as long as Half-Life 3‘s development cycle).

Sharp-eyed bargain hunters have noticed that some of the titles have been marked-up literally a day before the sale discounts had been applied, resulting in “discounted” games going for near to the same price and in some cases more than were before the sale.

Publishers that have been accused of playing the system include Ubisoft, Rockstar, Bethesda and 2K Games, although a number of smaller titles seem to be guilty as well. For example, if you look at the price graph for Grand Theft Auto V‘s price, you’ll notice a sudden increase just a day before the sale and the 20% discount applied.

The Grand Theft Auto V price-hike and subsequent discount. (Source: Steam Prices)

While this may simply be a system or pricing error, buyers should be wary of what appears a “good” deal. I’d recommend checking out Steam Prices, which includes handy price graphs with discounts applied over the course of the game’s life.