This is probably AMD’s new reference design for their GPU coolers


AMD is getting ready to launch some new graphics cards this month and one of the sticking points people have yet to see revealed is the reference cooler design – Nvidia’s has been so metal since the launch of the GTX 690. AMD’s reference blower cooler, on the other hand, hasn’t aged as well (try remember what it looked like without clicking this link). That’s set to change though – above is an image tweeted by Alienware showing the new reference cooler for AMD’s GPUs, which seems to mimic the leaked images for their flagship Fiji graphics card, also launching this month. It is still a boxy blower-type cooler and its almost certain that the fan are also the same as the older coolers, but it does look a lot better now. That Radeon logo doesn’t light up for cheaper cards, but it will for AMD’s Fiji cards (unless you get creative and 3D-print your own cover for adding in LED lighting). AMD is set to reveal more about their next generation of graphics cards on 16 June 2015 at the E3 PC Gamer show.

Source: Twitter

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