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brutal doom

Hello there NAGytes, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. If you’re reading this, it means I’m already gone.

On holiday that is, not to the big freelance writer in the sky. Due to my absence this long weekend, I’ve left you with a somewhat abbreviated version of TWIG – a whole lot of videos. So pull up something comfortable, and prepare to binge-watch an assortment of gaming-related goodness.

Mental health is a complex topic, and a challenging one to explore in a video game. Hellblade wants to do exactly that, but will they get it right? Here’s Eurogamer’s look at games that have.

LEGO games, historically, have actually been rather good. If you’ve never dabbled, perhaps you’ll consider LEGO’s take on the Avengers, due in summer.

Getting a little darker, the Resident Evil Zero remake has just gotten a trailer – check it out.

The Doom modding community is surprisingly huge (ORIGINAL Doom we’re talking here), and is probably worth your time. Don’t believe me? Check out this trailer for the latest Brutal Doom mod and tell me it doesn’t look like a stupid amount of fun.

You may have heard that Total War and Warhammer are doing a collaborative, but how the hell will it work? Listen to this developer interview for all the juicy details.

I’ll use this spot to throw in robbaz’s latest video – a YouTube personality that does the most hilarious brand of Let’s Plays. Check it out.

More Doom! This single-life speedrun through Final Doom (the stupidly difficult, semi-unofficial Doom 2 sequel) will have you feeling like nothing you’ve ever done amounts to anything.

SOMA is the new pants-shitting horror from the people who brought you Amnesia – and it looks terrifying. Check out their E3 trailer:

Overwatch videos are a weekly regular at this point, and I certainly won’t hold back now – here’s Reinhardt and his giant hammer.

Next up is a new gameplay trailer for Act of Aggression, a brand new RTS dropping in September.

We’ll wrap things up with Volume, a stealth-based title that uses noise as a core mechanic. More interestingly, much of the game and its levels will be created by fans post-release. Check it out: