E3 2015: Sony announces 20th anniversary-themed accessories for PlayStation 4


Following the amazing Sony E3 2015 Experience where they dropped jaws and broke Reddit and NeoGAF with their announcements, there were post-show announcements that took place while I was sleeping. Among these were new peripherals for the PlayStation 4, which were shipped with 20th Anniversary PS4s sold in Japan and some parts of Europe last year. These are PS1-coloured peripherals and they will be available for a limited time only.

While it seems the grey-coloured PS4 won’t be available any time soon, the headset and controller will be sold separately. These will become available first in Europe, with the controller getting a RRP of $64.99 (approx R800). The controller will be covered with the original paint used on the PlayStation One (not the PS1, that colour was lighter) and will also have a coloured PS button. The controller and headset will become available in September 2015, but no local release has been revealed yet (that means we need to beg Ster Kinekor Entertainment to make it happen).


The headset is a re-skinning of the PS4 Wireless headset available locally for around R1,100, while it will retail in Europe for $99 RRP. Nothing internally changes, not even the battery, but I’d honestly get it just for that colour scheme.

Source: PlayStation Europe blog

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