E3 2015: Xbox Elite Wireless controller to cost $150


Microsoft’s announcement of the Xbox One Elite controller took everyone by surprise, as they are directly going up against third-party vendors like SCUF Gaming, who already offer custom Xbox One controllers in the US. The Elite is different, and adds in paddles underneath the controller for extra button functions, a 3.5mm headset jack (so you don’t need to optional adapter) and a lot of customisability in terms of how the controller works for you, including rake adjustment for the thumb sticks. Hit the jump for a complete gallery.

Available in the US starting October 2015, the Elite will retail for $150 (approx R1800) and will come with an exclusive Elite pouch, extra accessories for the thumb sticks and the D-Pad and a braided USB cable. The paddles aren’t available separately, so don’t go losing them if you buy one of these. The controller will still work with AA batteries and will also accept the Xbox One controller play and charge kit, available separately.


Also available only to the Elite controller will be a method to remap the buttons and their functionality. You can remap the function of one button to any other button, including the paddle sticks. Replicating button functions with the paddles will be recommended, as some moves in-game might require you to take your thumbs off the analog sticks. If you’re on the PC, there will probably be a way to enable some sort of macro functionality as well, but we’ll have to wait for the launch of the Elite controller to find out. If you want to use it on the PC, you might also have to buy the wireless adapter, also (regrettably) available separately.

Source: Xbox.com