The ten best fan reactions to the Final Fantasy VII Remake announcement

Some people lost it when they saw the live stream. Some lost it when they saw the playground. Some more people lost it when they saw Tetsuya Nomura’s name flash across the screen. More people lost it when the music started with those haunting keys. Many more people lost it when they saw Midgar, and most people began crying when they saw Cloud’s sword. I’m part of the generation of gamers that considers Final Fantasy VII to be the best of the series. Advent Children impacted me tremendously as a child and even though I can’t get it to run properly, I do have a copy of the game for PC that I played through for a while. To many of you reading this, FFVII was your childhood, impacting you in ways not realised until reaching adulthood. It is a game that transcends age gaps and takes us all back to when we were young.

These are some of the best reactions I’ve seen to the announcement on YouTube. Go on, hit the jump. Enjoy ALL the feels. Also, forewarning, some videos do include swearing.

In this video, the Game Trailers team goes ballistic after the announcement. Make sure to also skip to 4:00 and watch for a bit.

This man, with a Sephiroth tattoo, nogal, pledges to buy a PlayStation 4 just to play the remake!

This dude’s enthusiasm increases every second that passes with the reveal. Epic beard.

One of my favourites so far.

This guy thought Sony was actually just trolling, but seeing Barret and Cloud makes it all sink in.

This video of Maximilian Dood’s reaction is likewise priceless.

I’m not sure if this dude was able to breathe, or if he even was breathing.

The happiness transcended continents and cultures.

Across the US, Sony booked out cinemas to stream the conference for cinema goers, and it sounds like the whole theater is excited in this one. Start at 1:50.


Source: NeoGAF, NAG Online