E3 2015: Check out this Fast Racing Neo gameplay

Fast racing cover

A genre that has sadly been ignored in recent years is zero-gravity racing, and there are clearly fans left out in the cold. That’s where FAST Racing NEO for Wii U comes in. It’s a racing game that combines elements from several different franchises, and it looks like a blast to play. Hit the jump to go fast.

FAST Racing NEO is a zero-g racing game in development at  Shin’en: a company with a long history of Nintendo work. FAST Racing lives up to its name, and the gameplay is blazingly fast at a smooth 60fps. Players choose a league, either Subsonic, Supersonic, or Hypersonic, then a racing craft representing a different sponsor (like WipEout). Each craft handles differently, with stats for speed, acceleration, and agility, and each league represents a different difficulty. 16 tracks can be chosen, divided into four different racing series. Therefore, choosing a series locks you in for four races, kind of like the Mario Kart games. Check out the video below for a longer gameplay demonstration.

Another gameplay innovation sees racers switching orange or blue Boost Modes on their race-craft. Racing over a coloured boost strip while in the corresponding mode will give you a huge speed boost, but doing this with the wrong mode will slow you down to a crawl. The individual tracks also show great variety, with loops, jumps, obstacles, icy-hazards, and giant sandworms leaping overhead. It’s clear the game will never be boring to look at.

FAST Racing NEO is a Wii U exclusive, and due for a Nintendo eShop release later this year. The developers have promised both four-player splitscreen, and online multiplayer.

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