E3 2015: here’s over six minutes of The Last Guardian gameplay


You might have seen weather reports last week that indicated heavy snowfalls in Hell. The first flakes began to fall in the fire and brimstone capital shortly after Sony re-(re-re-re-re)-revealed The Last Guardian. Remember that game? The one from Team ICO that features a little boy and giant cat-bird-griffin-thing? That’s the one! The one that disappeared forever and then kept cropping up in the news whenever its future seemed less likely. Well, The Last Guardian is back from the dead and is looking as good as ever.

Revealed during Sony’s pre-E3 press event, The Last Guardian has indeed made the jump to the PlayStation 4. The game has been floundering in development hell for so long that the creator, Fumito Ueda (who actually left Team ICO and Sony during the game’s development) was concerned nobody would remember it. “From my point of view,” he said in an interview on the PlayStation Blog, “it was very unpredictable how the audience would react [to the re-reveal]. I wasn’t sure if people would remember the title. Admittedly I was a bit nervous.”

Those nerves dissipated the moment the press conference crowd lost its shit, shouting and cheering the second that big old cat-bird-thing appeared onscreen. You can find a nice chunk of gameplay footage after the jump.

Via: The PlayStation Blog