WIN: two tickets to GeekFest 2015



GEEKFEST. Everything you need to know about it is right there in the name, isn’t it? It’s a Festival for Geeks. We’re geeks, and we like festivals, therefore GeekFest is exactly the sort of tea we like to drink when there’s a cup and some tea around – provided there’s no storm inside said cup of tea, because we hear that’s tantamount to a black cat strolling across the path on which you sometimes stroll.

ANYWAY. We like GeekFest. And you like competitions. So follow me below.

The Dark Carnival, purveyors of all things nerdy-merchandise related and organisers of yonder GeekFest, have very kindly provided us with two tickets to this year’s festival, which is taking place at Huddle Park in Jo’burg on the 4th of July. All you need to do if you’d like the chance to win the tickets is leave a comment in the box below.

But! Before you do that, we’ve got something for you to consider: when we randomly select a winner at 12pm on the 30th of June and that winner is YOU, you’ll have to be able to collect your tickets from our office in Fourways by no later than 3pm on Thursday, the 2nd of July.

If you’d like to know more about what to expect from GeekFest, you can visit their website, or do a quick scan of the image below. We’ll see you there!