Catching up on Computex 2015: Cooler Master’s new products

cooler master computex 2015

Computex 2015 happened right around the time I fell ill with an upper respiratory infection. Imagine coughing all day, every day, every few minutes, and you can’t help it. It wasn’t fun, I can tell you, and it lasted right up until last weekend. What was fun, though, was keeping up on Computex news because I know that there were going to be some cool things at the show. And there were! Check out Cooler Master’s announcements after the jump (this is going to be one of several catch-ups I’ll be pushing through over the next two days).

Cooler Master had a few interesting announcements at Computex Taipei. This is a company that’s been around for yonks, and has cornered the budget chassis market with their Elite cases for a very long time. Cooler Master announced a new chassis with two variants, the MasterCase 5 and MasterCase 5 Pro, as well as the MasterAir and the MasterLiquid products, and finally the MasterPower power supply. All they need is a peripherals lineup called Commander and they’ll be able to pull off the pun successfully.


The MasterCases are quite interesting. This is Cooler Master’s first attempt at making a made-to-order product. If you’re in the right places in the world to do it, you can order your MasterCase 5 with any combination of drive bays, front panels, fan vents, bundled fans, and perspex side panels as well. Its a very flexible design, fitting in any amount of hard drives you want or, alternatively, have enough space to house a dual-socket motherboard. Cooler Master achieves this thanks to the MasterCase 5 sporting a modular design. It is expected that in the future, Cooler Master will make available 3D designs for their customers to 3D print or mill their own custom parts to make the chassis their own.

The MasterCase 5 Pro is the same chassis, but with a 240mm radiator housing on the top of the case, as well as a cover for the top radiator, an extra 140mm front fan by default, as well as one extra 3.5-inch drive bay, which is removable along with the other two. General availability starts in August 2015, with no set pricing.

Credit: TechpowerUp

On show was the new Master Cooler, which appears to be a shrunken-down V8 or V8GT, depending on which angle you look at it. The fans are both 140mm spinners and both come with LEDs which come in red or white colours.

Credit: TechpowerUp

The MasterLiquid is an interesting offering, because it is a custom water-cooling kit that Cooler Master hopes to sell in a box, ready for assembly. The kit comes with two 140mm radiators with fans, two CPU blocks (one for AMD, one for Intel) as well as a reservior, tubing, coolant and fittings. In this image, you can also see the 1200 Watt MasterPower, which is rated to 80Plus Platinum standards, is fully modular, and has an interface through USB that allows for controlling various aspects of the PSU through software, or through a USB cable hooked up to a smartphone or tablet.

Credit: TechpowerUp

The app supports switching of fan profiles for the unit, as well as giving you a real-time view of the outputs for the individual rails. There’s also a graphing option, which would he nice to play around with to see how your power usage is affected with day-to-day workloads. It would be nice to see this expand into, say, being able to selectively turn off individual rails, or to run self-tests on the power supply itself to see its overall health.

Cooler Master has no expected launch date for the MasterAir, the MasterLiquid or the MasterPower, but we’ll probably see them slip in sometime during 2015.

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