Digital digger discovers unreleased maps, modes, weapons in Splatoon


I’ve been having a great time in Splatoon; the matches are just short enough to get a couple of matches into a fifteen minute break and the lack of voice chat makes the whole thing rather pleasant. Nintendo have been doing a reasonable job keeping players engaged with Splatfests, new weapon releases and new maps going into the multiplayer rotation, but it wasn’t enough for one Splatoon fan.

Twitter user @NWPlayer123 managed to decrypt the contents of the Splatoon disc, and has been releasing information about it on his Twitter feed. In addition to the last two remaining maps — titled Skyscraper and Camp — and about 33 unreleased weapons (the full list with descriptions can be found at this Neogaf thread), the most interesting reveal has been the upcoming new modes.

One is Tower Control, but unfortunately no details as to how it works yet. The second, Rainmaker, is part escort mission, part capture the flag: teams will need to gain control of the Rainmaker, a bazooka-like weapon that slows the player considerably but which can carve a path as they try to get it to their opponent’s base. It’s up to the rest of the team to protect the current Rainmaker. It sounds a ton of fun.

Rainmaker Mode, with the eponymous Rainmaker center.

Whether Nintendo intends to provide content beyond that which is on-disc is another matter, but given its success it’s probably unlikely they wouldn’t follow up with something.

Source: Neogaf

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