Happy Batman: Arkham Knight day! Here’s a launch trailer

Batman Arkham Knight

Hooray! Batman: Arkham Knight is finally out today! Rocksteady’s last instalment in their Arkham trilogy has been setting reviews on fire! We’ve played through it as well and can thoroughly recommend you dive in too; Bat-boots and all.

On a less exciting note, the PC version seems to be suffering from the usual deluge of AAA port problems. What’s more, the PC version is locked at 30fps, which we hear is a sin among the PC gaming fraternity. Luckily there are numerous ways to fix things up while you wait for an official patch. You can start by heading to this useful Steam Forum post that seems to solve the majority of the PC version’s issues. Whew!

Oh wait! You were here for a launch trailer, weren’t you? You can find it after the jump.