Batman: Arkham Knight’s PC port looks like it was outsourced

Arkham Knight

It is exceedingly unfortunate that PC players have found themselves in this position yet again. Batman: Arkham Knight is the most incredible game to come out of the industry in years, but the PC version is a total mess, and in order to get it to run in a playable state, users are being forced to edit ini files and tinker under the game’s hood.

While the Internet should be abuzz with how fantastic this game is, the PC issues have totally mired Arkham Knight’s release. Now, it seems that Rocksteady actually handed off PC port duties to another development company: Iron Galaxy Studios.

The game’s credits list Iron Galaxy as responsible for “additional engineering and PC support”. This wouldn’t be the first time that Iron Galaxy has handled a PC port of a game; they did PC porting duties for Arkham Origins.

What’s interesting is how publisher Warner Bros. seems to have kept Iron Galaxy’s involvement under wraps. Neither Warner Bros. or Rocksteady have actively named Iron Galaxy, but Rocksteady has released a statement regarding the PC issues in which they claim that they’re “working closely with our external PC development partner”.

The bottom line is this: the blame lands at the feet of the publisher who saw it fit to release a broken port. It really is the most unfortunate of circumstances, because the game is an incredible experience.

Via: Videogamer