Buffy Summers needs life insurance. Really, she does.


You may have noticed that all the cool local online media has been asked to get involved in a dork-off. The dork-off (which isn’t actually called a “dork-off” but is still totally dorky and that’s why we loved it and got involved in the first place) is being organised by Hippo.co.za, who has asked South African media to choose a character that would definitely benefit from some life insurance. Our choice: Buffy Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

So, why’d we pick Buffy? Because she spends seven seasons battling demons that consistently pour out of a Hellmouth nexus under her school’s library. That’s why. Plus, she looks like she could totally kick our asses, and to be honest we were a little scared of what might have happened if she found out we DIDN’T pick her.

Then of course there’s the totally obvious fact that Buffy has died once already. If you died and were brought back to life, we’re pretty sure you would instantly grasp the merits of having some form of life insurance. Consequently, young Miss Summers was our obvious pick for a character that would benefit from life insurance. And really, we write about video games for a living, so when it comes to totally dorky stuff like this, we know what’s going on.

Note: this article is brought to you in the interest of fun. We’d label it [SPON], but we’re not getting anything out of this other than a bit of a laugh. We’re not concerned by where you get your insurance quotes 😛