In a strange turn of events (something in the water, perhaps), it seems that common sense has invaded Microsoft’s offices at Redmond, and persuaded the company to finally begin selling Windows on a flash drive. Screenshots from a german distributor sent to WinFuture show order numbers for a new SKU of a retail copy of Windows 10, which will ship 32-and-64-bit installs for Home and Professional on a 4GB drive. For some reason, though, these items are more expensive, coming in at $25 more than the regular disc versions. I’m pretty sure I saw SanDisk 4GB USBs selling for R60 a pop at CNA not too long ago, so it does boggle the mind that Microsoft is asking $25 more for what amounts to the same software on different media. Hell, they could even save on the packaging by putting it into blister material.

Source: WinFuture (via Techspot)

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