Mojang to stop continued development of Scrolls; servers given one year to live


Mojang’s collectible card battling game, Scrolls, was officially released on 11 December last year. Just over six months later, it’s been announced that they will cease “continuous development” of the game. “Echoes” will be the final content update patch that will be added, and come 01 July 2016, the game’s servers will be shut down.

“The launch of the Scrolls beta was a great success. Tens of thousands of players battled daily, and many of them remain active today. Unfortunately, the game has reached a point where it can no longer sustain continuous development.”

The game remains on sale, and Mojang has stipulated that all the money gained from further sales will be used for “keeping Scrolls playable for as long as possible”. The team will, they said, continue to keep an eye on the game’s balance until the server switch is flipped.

Source: Scrolls