Valve makes big changes to Steam app for Android


If you’re a fan of the Steam mobile client and you’re on Android 2.2 (Froyo) or later, you might want to check out the latest version of the app, version 2.0, now with Google’s new Material Design look and feel. Along with the new UI, there’s some bug fixes, stability improvements and, Valve says, a few new features. Hit the jump for the change log.

The new version of the app isn’t updated on our local Google Play store, so there may be a slight delay in getting the product page updated (it should still be available when you download the application). Among the list of things that Valve has fixed that I had issues with is the battery drain bug, where the app would consume significantly more juice in idle mode once you’d left it like that for an hour, as compared to just using the app normally. There’s also an improvement in the fluidity of the UI as well. Although my Sony Xperia Z1 Compact doesn’t have the Lollipop update installed, the responsiveness is still much better than version 1.1 (this new update ticks the numbers over to 2.0).

Remember, this comes on the back of behind-the-scenes updates to Steam supporting our local currency and possibly having more content tailored to the South African market. It would be nice to be able to purchase games from the store using debit cards.

Check out the changelog (which is admittedly very small, I wish they went into more detail):

  • Changing from one screen to another is faster
  • Will not use battery when it is inactive
  • Will not log in unexpectedly
  • If possible, when resumed, the application will return to the screen it was on
  • Startup screen can be set
  • Chat history from other devices is available
  • Chat history for offline friends is available
  • Navigation menu has links to Inventory, Library, going offline for chat and logging out
  • Material design, higher res images, simplified settings, faster on older devices
  • Other fixes

You can find the updated application on the Google Play store today and the client is free to download. Similar changes may be in the works for the iOS version of the app as well.

Source: Hexus