Minecraft: Story Mode trailer released, it’s a blockbuster


Telltale Games have made a name for themselves for turning established properties into amazing adventures, but even I was dubious when it was originally announced that they’d picked up Minecraft for their regular episodic treatment. Minecraft is many things, but a narrative masterwork it is not.

Well, Telltale have clearly found the necessary crafting recipe: their latest announcement, which includes the first trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode and a rather impressive list of voice talent, puts a shine on the game if not exactly sanding its typical low-key presentation. Featuring voice talent from The Last of Us (Ashley Johnson), Futurama (Billy West, who pretty much played all the best parts in it) and Batman: Arkham Knight (Scott Porter) amongst others, players play as Jesse and his gang of misfits complete with pig animal mascot because of course.

When things go supernaturally awry in their angular little city, they set out on a quest to find their idols, the Order of the Stone — made up of the Warrior, the Redstone Engineer, the Architect and the Griefer — in order to set things right. Releasing on pretty much everything with a CPU, you can watch the trailer after the jump.

Source: Telltale Games