A Dawn of War 3 website domain has just been updated


Well now this is rather lovely news for all you Warhammer 40K and Dawn of War nerds: publisher Sega has updated a domain registration for DAWNOFWAR3.com. The registration has existed for some time (since 2008 actually), but the update occurred this past Saturday.

Information that has been added includes a “registrant email” address, which sends directly to developer Relic’s IT department. Relic, as you will no doubt know, has been the development team tied to Dawn of War since forever.

A few years ago, when publisher THQ was dying a slow death, Sega managed to pick up Relic, but the Dawn of War license was an iffy topic. Back then it was strongly rumoured that Relic was well into the development of a third game, but what became of that after the THQ meltdown and subsequent Sega buyout is still not certain. While there’s been no official word of a third game in the successful real-time strategy series, an update to a domain registration certainly looks like Sega is gearing up to announce something.

Via: VG24/7