Batgirl: A Matter of Family DLC lands next week Tuesday, 14 July


This is sooner than expected to be honest, but Warner Bros. has revealed that the first piece of Batman: Arkham Knight DLC will be out next week Tuesday, 14 July. The first piece features a playable Batgirl for the first time in the Arkham series, and is entitled Batgirl: A Matter of Family.

For those who coughed up an additional $40 for the game’s Season Pass, you’ll get the Batgirl DLC as part of your bundle. If you haven’t paid for the Season Pass, the DLC will be available on its own for about $9.

The events of A Matter of Family take place before the events of Arkham Knight. Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, plays a major role in moving the plot of Arkham Knight forward. Some context for the character will certainly make things more interesting for those who perhaps don’t have that much Batman canon filed away in their brains.

One thing that’s interesting to note is that A Matter of Family is being developed by Warner Bros. Montreal, which is the dev team behind Batman: Arkham Origins. As for the rest of the game’s upcoming DLC, Rocksteady is seeing to development of that.

There’s no release date for the PC version of the Batgirl DLC, because the PC version of the base game is still dead in the water. Sorry, PC people – the wait continues.

Via: Polygon