Just Cause 3, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst collector’s editions want your money


Look, there’s a reason why it’s called disposable income. If you’re looking forward to Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst or Just Cause 3, then maybe one of their freshly announced collector’s editions will be right up your alley.

Pictured above is the Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst collector’s edition. Pricing is set at a whopping $199 (R2,500-ish locally), and is available worldwide in limited quantities. Your hard-earned cash gets you a steelbook case, a fancy box, concept art, a mystery lithograph, temporary tattoos and a 14″ statue depicting the protagonist, Faith, in adult and child forms. I feel the statue’s a bit disappointing, and it would be far cooler if it was something could be mounted to a wall to make it look like Faith was wall-running. Oh well, at least now you can have a little Faith. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst will launch on February 23rd 2016 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

If Mirror’s Edge isn’t your thing (you monster) and explosions are more up your alley, then maybe you’d prefer the Just Cause 3 collector’s edition. This one retails at $109.99 (R1,361 locally, more or less), and packs in a 32-page art book, a poster-sized map of the game’s world, day-one DLC and a replica (read: non-functioning display model) of Rico’s grappling hook. Just Cause 3 will explode onto shelves on December 1st 2015 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


Also bundled for free is the perfect answer to the inevitable question:

Q: “Why did you buy this?”

A: “Just ’cause.”