Giblets: Microsoft not attending Tokyo Game Show 2015

xbox-e3-2015-event (136)

Microsoft Japan category marketing group head Masayuki Inoue announced to the press recently that Microsoft won’t be attenting TGS 2015 this year, instead focusing on “separate preparations” for their announcements for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles, as well as Xbox Live on Windows 10. Its not altogether surprising – Microsoft has not been doing well in Japan with the Xbox One and not only is it a rather difficult market to get right for home consoles, the company also has the other issue of not having enough games made for the Japanese market on sale, instead rather concentrating on satisfying the European and United States markets, where they are stronger. According to the most sales statistics, the PS4 sells about 108x as many consoles as the Xbox One. Eish!

Sources: Gematsu, Kotaku (Sales story)

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