So, it turns out that you can Crossfire a R9 290 with a R9 390


AMD’s new lineup of Radeon GPUs are soon going to be put through our benchmarking suite and tortured for your enjoyment by yours truly, but I had a burning question in the back of my mind – can you add two of the same GPUs from across the families and pair them up in Crossfire – after all, aside from the drivers being forked for the review tests, the only physical differences between many of the cards are VRAM amounts. Well, with Catalyst 15.7, it turns out that this is now possible, but there’s a catch – this has only been confirmed for Radeon GPUs which use the new XDMA Crossfire method.

GPUs based on the old Crossfire bridge might not be so lucky. As it happens, I personally own a Radeon R7 265 and I have a R7 370 on my shelf as well as a R9 290 4GB and a R9 390 8GB. I’ll be able to test these cards in Crossfire to give you an idea of the implications of doing so, and I’m eager to see if there are any changes to Crossfire under Windows 10.

Source: TechpowerUp

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