Toshiba-OCZ announces the Trion 100 SSD family

I’ve said before that the SSD price war in 2015 would begin again this year just after E3 and we’re beginning to see the big players haul out their weapons. The first strike was made by Muskin, offering a really nice set of low-cost drives in capacities up to 512GB. Others like ADATA followed with their slightly lowered prices and Samsung’s 850 Evo is certainly doing a number on the smaller brands as well. Not to be left out, OCZ enters the fray with the Trion 100 family, and they’re right on the money for their higher-capacity SKUs. Hit the jump to learn more.

The Trion 100 family is based on a completely new controller from Phison and new Toshiba 19nm TLC flash, which OCZ reserves a portion of to run in SLC mode to improve the write speeds. This is a similar technique to Samsung’s 840 Evo and 850 Evo families, which use flash in TLC mode to increase the storage density for the flash memory.

The Trion also has all the modern features you’d expect from a new SSD, including the low-power devsleep state, support for TRIM, and background garbage collection, should you use it in a device that doesn’t support TRIM commands. The chassis is 7mm high, so it fits into most notebooks and the Playstation 4, with a SATA 6Gb/s interface topping out at up to 550MB/s read speeds and between 450 to 530MB/s write speeds. Keep in mind that because the SLC portion is small, writing large amounts of data will send the write speeds down to TLC speeds, which should be around 130MB/s based on the results from PC Perspective’s review.

Local pricing of the drives also looks really decent. The table below shows a quick look at the Trion 100 pricing on Rebel Tech compared to similarly-sized drives from OCZ’s stable that are still available, namely the Vector 180 and the ARC 100.

Rebel Tech OCZ Trion 100 Pricing

Trion 100 Vector 180 ARC 100
 120GB R814  R1341 R955
 240GB R1275   R2154 R1464
 480GB R2607 R4114 R2992
 960GB R4735 R7703 

In terms of pricing per gigabyte of storage, OCZ is coming dangerously close to Crucial’s territory, and remember that I’ve mentioned before that Crucial’s gameplan this year is to drop prices low and drum up a storm about their BX100 drives.

  • Trion 100 120GB ~ R6.78 per GB
  • Trion 100 240GB ~ R5.31 per GB
  • Trion 100 480GB ~ R5.43 per GB
  • Trion 100 960GB ~ R4.93 per GB

As usual, the sweet-spot is the 240GB model, but the 960GB drive is definitely tantalising. However, stacking two 480GB drives in RAID 0 will set you back only R5214, and you’re getting twice the performance for roughly the same capacity. Here’s how the Trion 100 series stacks up with the 960GB against other SSDs that fall into the same price point between R4500 and R5000 on Rebel Tech.

  • Trion 100 960GB ~ R4.93 per GB
  • Samsung 845DC EVO 480GB ~ R9.89 per GB
  • Samsung 850 Pro 512GB ~ R9.27 per GB
  • Corsair Neutron GTX 480GB ~ R10.14 per GB
  • Intel SSD 730 SATA 480GB ~ RR10.63 per GB

And here are the numbers for the more attractively priced 480GB model in the R2500 to R3000 price range:

  • Trion 100 480GB ~ R5.43 per GB
  • Samsung 850 Pro 256GB ~ R9.55 per GB
  • Samsung 845DC EVO 240GB ~ R10.78
  • ADATA SP600 (JMicron) 512GB ~ R5.31 per GB
  • ADATA SP610 (Silicon Motion) 512GB ~ R5.56 per GB
  • Crucial BX100 500GB ~ R5.88 per GB
  • Kingston V300 480GB ~ R6.33

In short, if you’re looking for a large, comfortably priced SSD to serve as your boot drive where you’re not going to be writing large amounts of data to it, the Trion 100 seems poised to serve that need. In the 120GB to 480GB range the market will be tough to beat, but the 960GB drive has the benefit of being unmatched for its size in the same price range.

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