Giblets: Windows 10 is now in RTM status, ready for launch


I’ve been using the Windows 10 Technical Preview on various machines for some time and today I was seeded the last of the builds sent out to the fast ring users – build #10240. According to various sources on the internet, this will be the RTM version of the OS sent out to people using the Technical Preview, at least until they get moved into the official branch when the OS finally launches on 29 July 2015. Generally, once an OS goes into RTM status all that’s left on the table for the first six months are stability patches and updates. Windows 10 won’t get service packs like previous Windows OSes – instead, users will be on a rolling release of builds, where incremental jumps in the numbers will deliver new features and/or applications from Microsoft directly to you. Like Android, most of the applications that were built into the OS are now separately bundled, so that they may be updated in a more aggressive manner.

Because the Windows team’s focus is on stability updates and patches now, you can expect a final look at the new hotness here on NAG Online before the 29 July launch. Stay tuned!

Source: Anandtech