Newest Mortal Kombat X character is Tremor; out tomorrow for Season Pass


How goes your continued interest in inflicting barf-inducingly gross deaths on Mortal Kombat X opponents? Is it waning?  Has your bloodlust been satiated? Didn’t think so, you miscreant.

So this is Tremor! Hi, Tremor! What awfully stony hands you have there? What do you plan on doing with tho-ohhhh, that’s what. Great, now there’s brain everywhere.

Tremor will be available to add to your swelling roster of Mortal Kombat X fighters beginning tomorrow, 21 July. That is, of course, if you purchased the Kombat Pack, which is really just the Season Pass with a fancy, misspelt name. If you didn’t pick that up (and you wouldn’t be blamed because $30 is a lot throw down on unrevealed content) then you can buy Tremor with all his Richter Scale abusing special moves, on 28 July. You can watch Tremor splat, crack, smash, squish, pulverise, stab, and generally murder people in suitably rocky, imaginative ways after the jump.