Oh wait, Star Citizen’s FPS module is now weeks away


Or is it? Possibly. We’re not sure. It sounds like CIG isn’t sure either. But that’s ok, we guess, because if we had accrued over $80 million in funding, we’d be too busy happy dancing to get around to actual game development. A while back it was believed that the FPS module for Star Citizen, known as Star Marine, was on hold. How on old? Well, “indefinite” hold was the word being thrown around at one point, but then again CIG and the whole Star Citizen development scene have been under increasing scrutiny of late, so a knee-jerk response at some point was practically inevitable.

Now, however, Mr. CIG himself, Chris Roberts, has sat down and done an interview with website Gamer Nexus. In that interview Roberts discusses the continued issues facing the development of the Star Marine module, but then also discusses a release timeline. He reiterates that the initial April 2015 release was never official, and that he had said at the time “don’t quote me on that”. But now that we’re sitting in July, and there’s still no FPS module for backers, people are understandably wondering what’s up.

According to Roberts, the module’s release is weeks away.

“We’ve got extra help from the German studio, which is a bunch of CryEngine experts. I’ve got a build on my machine with both the FPS and the Gamescom [presentation], so I’m actually helping out with the code a bit. But we didn’t want to give a date because, well, we sort of don’t want to get burnt by that.

In reality, we’re probably weeks off. We’re shooting to have FPS on the PTU round-about Gamescom or slightly after Gamescom. We’re really talking about people getting to play FPS in a matter of three, four, maybe five weeks.”

Gamescom, in case you’re wondering, kicks off on 05 August until 09 August. Currently there are still quite a few problems facing the FPS team, which you can read about in this latest update on the module’s development.

So hooray! That’s pretty great news, is it not? “Three, four, maybe five weeks” is a hell of a lot better than “indefinitely delayed”.

Source: Gamer Nexus