Six million dollars up for grabs in Dota 2’s The International

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Valve has recently shed some light on the various tiers of cash prizes that’ll be up for grabs in The International 2015. With the crowdfunded prize pool now sitting pretty at $17 million (and increasing as I write this), it’s guaranteed that all teams competing in The International will be going home with more than memories.By the time the tournament kicks off, 16 teams will be competing for glory. So far, 14 teams have been confirmed as entered, and two more wildcard teams will join the competition on the 26th of July. Every team is taking home some prize money, which shows how much this eSport has grown in just a year (2014‘s total pool topped out at slightly under $11 million).

At time of writing, this is how that sweet prize money will be distributed amongst winners:

First place: $6,156,852

Second: $2,650,867

Third: $2,052,284

Fourth: $1,453,701

Fifth and sixth: $1,111,654

Seventh and eighth: $769,607

Ninth to twelfth: $205,228

Thirteenth to sixteenth: $51,307

The prize pool is still constantly increasing, so a few of the prizes will likely increase before things kick off. If you’re interested in watching The International, then be sure to check out the official website to catch the livestreams. There will also be a daily “newcomer show”, a special broadcast with commentary to introduce newcomers to the eSport. We’ll keep bringing you all the details from The International as they emerge.

If all those dollar signs have persuaded you, you can download Dota 2 from Steam right here.