Did Kojima foreshadow his departure and erasure from Konami?


Got a tinfoil hat handy? Great! Slap that shiny dome-topper on your head and get ready to nod sagely at your screen as you’re regaled by a particularly curious YouTube video starring PS-One era Snake. This is footage from the “Déjà Vu” bonus mission that appeared in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

YouTuber “timesplitter88” has put together this run through of the “Déjà Vu” mission, in which an old-school Snake model skulks around a base, erasing various Metal Gear game logos that appear on walls. It’s a typical fourth-wall-breaking addition to the mission that Kojima loved to throw into his games. It does, however, take on a more foreshadowing tone in light of the current situation between publisher Konami and series creator Hideo Kojima.

When the player shines a light on the Metal Gear logos for the games that Kojima was responsible for, those logos fade from the game world. However, shining a light on the logos of Metal Gear games that Kojima had no involvement in, does nothing; those logos remain in the game world. Interesting…

You can check out the video below and decide for yourself. Bear in mind that this bonus mission came out in March 2014 so relationships were already starting to break down between creator and publisher.

Talk about “the writing’s on the wall”, right?

Via: Polygon