Here’s an intriguing game pitch trailer for a Star Wars VR title


Director Rob McLellan has assembled a very small team to work on a Star Wars VR title. Now, if you’re thinking to yourself, “Rob McLellan… I don’t know anyone by that name in Electronic Arts, Disney or Lucasfilm,” then you’d be thinking right. McLellan has no affiliation to either the publisher EA (which holds the license deal to make Star Wars games) or to movie companies of Lucasfilm and Disney.

Alarm bells should be going NUTS right about now.

Star Wars VR, as it’s being called, is just a proof of concept video for now. It’s been made on Unreal Engine 4 and has “PLEASE DON’T SUE US” bits of legal wording that separates itself from anything resembling a commercial product. That means you shouldn’t expect to see this as a game you can purchase anytime soon, or ever. Still, it’s a neat video even if it only highlights the “what ifs” of Star Wars games in VR.

So the tiny team put this together in just two weeks. That’s impressive! They had help from HammerHeadVR, which is a company that does all sorts of VR concepts from games to “product experiences”. This, however, looks like an on-rails sort of experience. Not that that’s anything to complain about; a virtual reality Star Wars title made on Unreal Engine 4? Ummm, I’ll take two of them, thanks.

There’s talk of this possibly becoming a playable demo by the time the Oculus Rift is out, but there is some murky water being tread insofar as the legal ramifications of doing so are concerned. We’re pretty sure EA and Disney would have something to say about that. In the meantime, check out the video above before Disney’s ninja lawyers round-house kick this fan-project back to the stone age.