This Week In Gaming – videos!

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Greetings NAGummies, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. I’m off on a long road trip tomorrow (Friday), so this week I’m leaving you with all the interesting videos I could dredge up from the last week, with a bit of news in between. So enjoy this easily-digestible entry, and I’ll see you next week for my usual chewy, unpalatable mess of of news catchup and unsolicited opinion.

First up, Valve tries to show off what Portal on the Vive VR headset might feel like. The effect is definitely lost, but the commentary is interesting and insightful.

Keeping the Half-Life theme going, one enterprising modder has attempted to create a Half-Life experience in Hotline Miami. Seriously. He’ll release it free as soon as it’s done.

Moving on to the not-quite-indie-anymore No Man’s Sky, which has a new trailer this week.

Not technically a game trailer, but the new Hitman movie is generating some buzz, and got an “exclusive” trailer/interview thingy this week. Let’s hope this movie is better than the last one, ugh.

For Honor was one of the biggest surprises of E3, arriving from Ubisoft with little hype and looking like it has a bit of originality. Here’s a new video for it, and a more interesting older video for it.

Spoiler alert: An Arkham Knight Easter Egg has been discovered, and no, it’s not “works on PC”.

Mortal Kombat X seems to add another character every second week, the latest being Tremor. Here’s a compilation of all his fatalities, because it’s what the people want.

I love candid gaming videos, and this recording of a guy playing Destiny is worth it just for the ending.

We finish this week’s videos off, somewhat inexplicably, with an RPG about dwarves – creatively titled “The Dwarves” – coming to the major platforms sometime in 2016.