The Terminator is joining the WWE 2K16 roster of playable wrestlers


“Why?” you may be asking. The answer: “because pre-orders.”

Publisher 2K has announced that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator character will be a playable “wrestler” in the upcoming game, WWE 2K16. He will, however, be a pre-order bonus. And when we say “pre-order bonus” we really mean he’ll be exclusive to pre-orders for about four months, after which time he will in all likelihood be released as DLC instead.

You can see a pretty awesome announcement trailer after the jump that recreates the opening scene of Terminator 2: Judgement Day, only with actual wrestling stars instead of actors. I’m assuming they’re actual wrestling stars (we’re in agreement that they’re “stars”, right? This stuff isn’t real, they’re acting, right?) because I wouldn’t know an actual wrestling star even if he/she hit me in the face with a fold-up chair. All I see when I watch this trailer is: “dude who could kill me; another dude with a mean beard who could bench-press me and then totally kill me; really pretty lady who could also totally kill me; another dude smoking a cigar who looks like… yeah he’d kill me too.”

The timing of this announcement makes sense considering the Terminator franchise’s return to cinemas. It wasn’t the only nineties film to make a comeback, as Jurassic World recently brought dinosaurs back to theatres. Come to think of it, a WWE 2K16 with playable velociraptors as pre-order incentives would’ve been heaps better.

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