Quantic Foundry survey puts your gaming under the microscope


Chris isn’t the only one that can throw around psychiatric terms like… the Kruger Rand effect, or Skinny Box. Quantic Foundry, a game analytics and consulting practice, is interested in learning what makes you tick as a gamer, and have put together a Myers-Briggs style tool for digging around your noggin.

You can take the five-minute quiz here. The survey will graph you against six different categories, including Mastery (“Gamers with high Mastery scores like challenging gaming experiences with strategic depth and complexity.”) and Achievements (“Gamers with high Achievement scores are driven to accrue power, rare items, and collectibles, even if this means grinding for a while”).

Now, it’s not perfect and you’ll no doubt find a fair number of exceptions in the games you play and enjoy versus what your profile suggests, but it’s still a fun distraction and no doubt will assist Quantic Foundry help their clients shape addictive free-to-play titles that will ruin your life. I mean, make great games. You can see my own disgustingly casual profile below. “Immersion?”. Pfft. Doesn’t track too well with my love for games like Risk of Rain, Necrodancer and Teleglitch, but hey, it’s just an online quiz, right? Right?


If you’re up for it, post your own results in the comments. Or simply judge me.

Source: Arstechnica