Hail to the king, baby: the new King’s Quest is out


With the resurgence of interest in adventure games in recent years, it was only a matter of time before one of the genre’s seminal franchises got picked up again. Thus, Sierra’s classic King’s Quest series has been reborn as a new episodic series with five parts.

Released on Steam yesterday, the first episode titled A Knight to Remember once again puts players in the shoes of King Graham. Now elderly, he recounts his adventures as a young knight and his rise to the throne, much in the style of Babar the Elephant. These tales will be “untold accounts” of his past, and each story will influence the next. There are also multiple solutions to problems, as well as particular methods of play which entail Graham choosing paths of bravery, wisdom or compassion.

A Knight to Remember is currently retailing on Steam for $9.99. You’ve also got the option of the Season Pass which includes all five episodes for $29.99 or The Complete Collection for $39.99 which promises all the episodes plus an exclusive epilogue. Upcoming episodes are due to be released later this year and early next year.

You can get the goods here.