It took over 2 years, but Wii U lifetime sales have hit 10 million units


Nintendo has just held its quarterly review for April, May and June. There’s some awesome news coming out of Ninty HQ, such as the fact that the company is in a way better position than it was this time last year. Quarter earnings are up at ¥8.3 billion (about R840 million), which is heaps better than last year’s loss of ¥9.9 billion (about R1 billion).

Lifetime sales figures for the Wii U were also revealed: 10.01 million consoles have been sold worldwide. The Wii U remains Nintendo’s slowest selling console in company history. That being said, the 3DS continues to sell well and has now hit over 53 million units sold.

Nintendo’s newest IP, Splatoon, is somewhat of a surprise hit. The game has sold 1.62 million units globally since its late May 2015 release date. Considering the Wii U install base is as low as it is, and Splatoon is a new, unknown IP, that’s pretty good going.

Sadly no actual sales figures for amiibo figurines were provided. We’re pretty sure that this branch of Nintendo’s company is printing money. Nintendo did say, during the report, that they would continue to bolster the amiibo lineup moving forward.

Via: Eurogamer