Rocket League just smashed past 5 million downloads


Are you playing Rocket League? Because you really, really need to be playing Rocket League. The fact that a game about souped-up cars playing soccer is one of the dumbest ideas we’ve come across, does not detract from how inexplicably awesome Rocket League is. And it must be awesome because the game has been downloaded 5 million times since its 07 July launch.

That’s pretty amazing for a game that most people thought wasn’t even a thing until it cropped up on Steam and the PlayStation Store. It launched with zero fanfare and turned into one of the industry’s success stories. Sure, it probably helps a lot that the game is free to PlayStation Plus subscribers this month, but the fact is that there are now millions of people playing this game is a big deal for the developer.

Developer Psyonix shared the news of their total downloads to date on Twitter. They are, understandably, pretty damn chuffed. The 5 million figure includes copies sold on both PC and PlayStation 4, and includes the copies downloaded by PlayStation Plus subscribers. Incidentally, it took Rocket League three weeks to double the lifetime sales of Psyonix’s previous car soccer game, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars.

Rocket League will be free to PlayStation Plus subscribers until 04 August, and if you haven’t already grabbed a copy then I thoroughly recommend doing so. This is the closest thing to a sports game that I’ve ever loved. It’s fun, it’s fast, you cam smash a few rounds in fifteen minutes, but the real reason anyone plays is to unlock more of those cute little hats that you can then put on your cars.

What about Xbox One? Rocket League is not available on Microsoft’s current console, and that’s likely due to Sony’s deal with Psyonix to bring the game straight to PlayStation Plus members. There’s likely some timed console exclusivity built into that deal. The game is on Steam so Psyonix is obviously not completely locked into Sony.

Source: Twitter