AMD has been on the warpath recently with their Radeon R-300 series of rebrands, pricing them in all different directions to improve profitability and to give NVIDIA a bit of a headache at the mid-range price points, which is where the competition is heating up. I’ve already reviewed one of the R9 380 graphics cards in my stack of review samples, and we’ve seen how impressive MSI’s R9 390X is in comparison to the competition. With NVIDIA possibly looking to release the GTX 950 and GTX 950 Ti into the market soon, the leaks are beginning to appear for AMD’s second mid-range contender, the currently-missing R7 370X. This is another rebranded card, but the Pitcairn family of GPUs has had such long legs since its release that I honestly can’t help but admire how well its aged. Hit the jump if you’re eager to see some of the technical details.

This leak of the R7 370X’s details comes all the way from China, courtesy of well-known hardware enthusiast site EXPreview. These guys somehow managed to get their hands onto a R7 370X and were able to load up GPU-Z to see all the card’s information. Like the R7 370, the R7 370X is from the Pitcairn family, and is a rebrand of the Radeon R9 270X.


What I’m not sure about, though, is the clock speeds the GPU will ship with. It looks like AMD will have 2GB and 4GB offerings available (the same as the R7 370), but these clock speeds belong to the PowerColor Devil R9 270X, which has the highest boost clock of any card based on the R9 270X. I’m quite certain, then, that any shipping variant of the R7 370X won’t have a lot of headroom available for overclocking, which reduces the GPU’s value offering.

Source: Hexus

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